Basketball Hoop LED Strip Light

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Basketball Hoop LED Strip Light


  • It lights up the rim of your basketball hoop every time you score, with up to one hundred unique light patterns.
  • This is the world’s first sensor-activated LED strip designed to attached to any basketball hoop. What makes It unique as a basketball entertainment product is that it accurately provides exciting and vibrant instant-feedback to players when they score a basket!


  • Encourages Physical Activity
  • Pulls Kids Away From Their Smartphones
  • Play Under The Stars!
  • Amplifies passion for basketball
  • Makes Playing Alone & with friends More Fun!
  • Enhance the parent-child relationship
  • Deepen the friendship between friends!

Quick and painless installation! Simply zip-tie the LED strip around the perimeter of your rim, velcro the solar box underneath the rim and you’re done.


Adopt advanced solar energy plate. Waterproof and heat resistant. It lights with up to 7 unique light patterns. This is the world’s very first sensor-activated LED strip designed to attached to any basketball light.

Easy Installation & Use. Flexible strip light allows you to bend or shape freely, simply zip-tie the LED strip around the perimeter of your rim, stick the induction switch with strong tape below the basketball light, connect the rechargeable battery box. FITS ALL STANDARD SIZED RIMS

You simply zip-tie the LED strip around the perimeter of your rim, the sensor box underneath the rim (which will detect your baskets made), then just the sensor case behind the backboard.

Playing basketball at night can get a little tricky, since the darkness makes it a bit tough to see exactly where the rim is. Click the button and
light up your basketball rim.

The LED basketball Light is waterproof so no worries about it staying out in bad weather, Not only is the Light a great way to see the your basketball at night when playing basketball, but the light-up LED lit rim attachment will make playing basketball at dusk or night even more entertaining


Length: 1.5m

Weight: 150g


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